ElasticSwap - an all new AMM focused on elastic supply tokens

Why do we want to focus here?

Lack of an AMM has been one of the missing pieces to the puzzle in the ability to successfully launch and provide liquidity for an elastic supply token. Perhaps the biggest recent example of the lack of infrastructure for elastic tokens was Olympus DAO's decision to wrap sOHM with gOHM, thereby eliminating the elastic token. Equally, ElasticDAO (a project our founders launched in 2021) faced significant headwinds due to this missing building block. The first elastic supply token, Ampleforth, has been trying different solutions with mixed success since they launched and we think ElasticSwap is the first AMM of its kind, that will allow for a more vibrant development ecosystem around elastic tokens. We are excited and honored to have launched with the full support of Ampleforth and their team.

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