ShapeShift Partnership

ElasticSwap is now supporting $FOXy-FOX on Mainnet

With the launch of ElasticSwap on Mainnet, ElasticSwap was thrilled to announce a strategic partnerhsip with the ShapeShift DAO via their sub-DAO, vFOX. vFOX is taking a strategic position in ElasticSwap and for that ElasticSwap is getting USDC earmarked for hiring Developer help, and treasury diversification in the form of FOX Tokens. Furthermore, ElasticSwap will be the AMM of choice for a newly launched $FOX-FOXy pair, providing swap capabilities for the new FOXy Token (a yield-bearing elastic supply token). ShapeShift has seeded that pool with $1M in liquidity and is live for trading right now..

FOXy is the first yield bearing elastic supply token launched by the ShapeShift community, but the opportunity for cooperation on future innovative token pairs and innovation in the broader elastic supply space are endless. Not to mention, ElasticSwap will be fully integrating with the ShapeShift trading platform.

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