Pull Requests

As a rule of thumb, every PR should relate to an issue. Opening PRs without issues should be the absolute exception.

Creating a New PR

When creating a new PR, make sure to follow these rules:

  • Provide a descriptive title, like "Update homepage design". Don't write something like "linting issues" as it's unclear what this PR will change.

  • Connect the PR to an issue, either by mentioning it in the PR's description (closes #123) or via GitHub's UI (under the Development section in the right sidebar). The goal is to have an issue closed automatically once the PR is merged.

  • Provide a brief description of what this PR tries to achieve. You don't have to be too explicit since the linked issue will contain user stories and descriptions. Instead, focus on how you achieved the changes, which steps you took, and what needs to be considered for review.

  • Assign one or more reviewers. A PR should only be merged if at least one other team member approves the changes. If you need more reviewers, add them to the PR.

  • If the PR is still incomplete and you plan to continue making changes, open it as a draft and mark it as ready for review once you're done.

Closing a PR

Once a PR has been reviewed and approved, feel free to merge it. Remember to delete the branch if it's no longer needed.

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